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Our Copper
Shingles exceed all
possible expectations

for beauty, durability and affordability in a premium roofing product. These classic, solid copper roof shingles are the best buy in the roofing industry because any professional roofer can install them. Unlike other premium roofing materials, such as slate, cedar or tile, our copper shingles require no special installation skills, tools or deck preparation. The result is a gorgeous maintenance free roof for a per square foot over time cost that is the lowest of any roofing solution available. We manufacture all of our shingles and accessories in Vermont and take great pride in our quality and craftsmanship. All of our Copper Shingles are an outstanding investment value and backed by a 50 year warranty.


Our Copper Shingles are designed to look good on any building that would look good in shingles. Only better! Their simple, lightly embossed style works with diverse building types ranging from historic to contemporary and in settings both rural and urban. Their surface weathers gracefully and naturally to a green patina that both protects and adds distinction. Our Copper Shingles lend permanence and character to any architectural detail on public, commercial or residential buildings. They look equally at home on new work and on historic restoration projects.


We have engineered outstanding performance into our copper shingles. Our design is actually a system comprised of two separate pieces - the visible, solid copper shingle plus a concealed joint pan. This two-piece system insures complete weather protection. Laboratory tests demonstrate that our two-piece shingle system provides protection against wind driven rain at the shingles, not at the underlayment. Field installations prove that these Shingles will withstand hurricane force winds and rainfall - 110 mph wind with eight inches of rain per hour - with no leaks.


Verdigris, the beautiful patina that naturally protects copper, is not the only "green" thing about our Copper Shingle roofs: when this low-or-no maintenance roof does wear out, every ounce of it will be recycled for its high salvage value. Environmentally, our Copper Shingles exceed expectations by leaving virtually nothing to take to the landfill. Few building materials put so little burden on the environment. Few building materials are as green as our Copper Shingles!


Beyond the luxurious look and low impact on the environment, our Copper Shingles can protect your building from fire - and save insurance costs. Forest fire danger has become a very real concern for property owners in recent years. These shingles meet the requirements of a Class-A roof covering for new construction. This rating makes them ideal for fire-prone areas. Year after year, they will stand up to the harshest forces of man and nature - temperature extremes, ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollutants - and even fire.


Everyone who gets to know our shingles, loves our shingles, and not least because of their low per square foot cost installed. Because any skilled asphalt shingle roofer can install this roof, installation cost is a fraction of that of other premium roofing materials such as slate, wood shingles or tile. They weigh 140 pounds per square, about half the weight of asphalt, so no roof reinforcement is ever necessary nor any special sheathing or venting. Each 48" by 9" shingle produces 3 square feet of coverage, over twice that of asphalt, so the work installs quickly. Since the shingle relies on separate joint pans rather than on leak prone vertical side locks, there is no predetermined installation sequence as with other metal shingles. As a result, installation may begin at any location along the eave and proceed in either or both directions. The installers find as much to like about our shingles as everyone else does. Consider also their longevity, fire rating and high salvage value and it is clear that our copper shingles are easily the most cost effective of all roofing materials!


Because our Shingles are manufactured from solid copper, not foil laminate, they will quite possibly last as long as the building it protects. These shingles have no applied finish; they will not chip, chalk, dry out, curl, lift, split, break, mold or mildew. What they will do is resist all the elements for years and look great. Extremely durable, weather and will require little or no maintenance. This is a self healing roof, so scuffs and scratches quickly weather into the field as the patina develops. We warranty all of our Copper Shingles for 50 years.


We are pleased to bring to the market a roofing product that has met with such a warm, ready welcome from every sector of the building construction and restoration field. Homeowners, architects, and builders know that our products can be relied on for both value and quality. They see the value in a premium, "green" roofing material that will not merely defy the elements but embrace them, year after year after year...

Paradigm Copper Shingles....

""Beauty combined with Quality to provide you a value enhancing, long term worry-free investment.”


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